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Mostly harmless
18 February 1962

ok... ok...

Bad spelling is something I'm quite good at.

Not too terrifically much of my journal
is "friends only". This is all pretty
much open text.

Hey! You need to know on the way into this that
in my journal I use the ... 3 dot thing way too
much. I used to think this was a problem...
I don't any more. :)

My LJ snail mail address book.
Friends can add and edit an entry, and only I can read it.
[ :: Address Poll :: ]

I am, in ranked order of priority, a dad, husband, son, brother,
friend, citizen, and employee (iamcanadian).

I have several bad habbits.
but why dwell on those...

I have a darl'en wife whom I call Zebra
and two unbelievably cute little boys
(Edward 15, and George 17)
~ when I started this journal,
that said "(Edward 2 and George 4)".

Life is painfully short.
Don't wait to live it.

Instead of looking at the road behind you
and being led by memory,
look at the road ahead...
let it guide your imagination.

I have a great time exploring topics that make me think and feel things...
that usually ends up pissing somebody off,
and I'm ok with that.

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