Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ok... what the freaking hell happened here? It's just bazzingly cold outside, raining and cold... very cold. Did I mention it was cold out?

k... so I went to bed at 11:00 last night... well maybe a bit after. Went to sleep at 12:30 which, in itself, is a record. I got a major sleep last night. Of course, it would have really helped if I had set the alarm clock properly... so I woke up at 7:30. Yes indeed... step into the can and see a big L on my face. :D

~ gray ftls
~ Yo! It's the National Denim Day (supporting breast cancer research) so, yeah... blue jeans.
~ a dk blue t that no one will see... in fact I need a big "fuck" shirt or something to wear under the big honking turtleneck when it's this cold.
~ er . . . a big honking turtleneck
~ yeah... so I actually have a bunch of crap to do today...
~ re-attach a keyboard shelf on my desk at work...
~ client visit this aft to install a bunch of monitoring software in prep for a new round of load tests...
~ write a report on some software tests we've been doing in the last week.
~ for a little peace in her heart to wrap around my friend ebean... what an adorable woman. I was lucky 'nuf to chat with her last night and see (yahoo cam) her little mini planters after she and little Olivia did they're seed planting extravaganza...
~ I was Ashley Judd's personal masseuse
~ that this week is - somehow - peaceful for my friend ladonne.... she's getting married on Saturday!!! Which, of course, means I'm gonna get to see wedding pictures... my fav thing next to new baby pictures... :D
~ to remind a clad in leopard print blonde bombshell cruising Burbank, California, that she worked hard to get here. Don't slip those track shoes on too quick...

I love the way it feels when I rinse conditioner out that I've combed into my hair. Especially in consideration of how dry my hair feels as it is... It's really kinda neat how the dark roots (now about an inch long) look with the fading red... I'm thinking of getting a cut to sorta even up the length of the red to the brown... it might look kind groovy all spiked up.
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