Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

you know...

I wanted to put a big ...

thank you so much...

to a few friends that have said some really nice things to day... this boi is feeling pretty good about y'all having such high opinions... it feels good on the heels of so much gloop from last week. I think I feel a little north wind blowing action (tips hat to the movie "Chocolat") moving me from the bummer zone to a much much happier place.

friendsmanage to do that... move you along when the bummer sets in. I guess that's why I like it here so much.

thanks. :D

ps. just about to head over to my bro's house to fet my mom with a dinner... he asked me to bring a vegetable.. (pot luck) so I made scallop potato's ... scratch and wicked delicious... I just checked with him on the phone, and he's like "No... I asked you to bring a vegetable.. .Joan (ex-SIL) is bringing potatoes"... er... potatoes are a vegetable aren't they? and besides... tough! :D
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