Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Me: Ok, so here's your top... can I help?
Ed: NO! I wanna do it... (grabs turtle neck)
Me: alright.. don't be so grabby and shhhhh mom's asleep.
Me: ok ok ok ok... just do it k?
Ed. (cannot figure the bottom of the shirt...)
Me: here, this is the ...
Me: okok... here, this is the bottom! see?
Ed: OK, now (yanks at shirt) I wanna do it!
Ed: (opens bottom of shirt... pulls it over head... it's now a turtle neck top on TOP of his head.... and he's trying to pull it down... squeeezzzzz)
Me: Ed, can I help ...
Ed: NO I can... waaaaaaa (frustrated)
Ed: (pulls off shirt... starts over)
Ed: (both arms are through the neck hold and the shirt body is over his head)
Ed: (the arms of the shirt hang unused at the side...) (crying now)
Me: (yank) Ok, lets start again...
Ed: I wanna do it!!!! snif snif
Ed: (starts over)
Me: ok, put your arms through first, then pull it down... that's right
Ed: (head stuck in shirt body, so he can 'see' out the neck hole, arms are through properly)
Me: ok pull down the back... (I just barely touch the material at the back to tug it down)
Ed: I WANNA DO IT!! (cry's out rather loudly) (arms flailing about like when you were little and did the 'headless' creature thing by pulling the neck of your shirt up to the top of your head and waved your arms around)
Me: ok, slowly... come on now Ed let me help.
Ed: NO!!! (and pulls the shirt off completely and starts over....)
*** FOLKS this goes on for 25 (thats twenty five!!!!) minutes ****
(25 minute later)
Ed: NO!!! I wanna do it... (sniff sniff)
Me: ok I'm going to help ya pull it down...
Ed: nononononono
Me: (pulls it down!)
Ed: bawling
Me: reaches for an already chewed piece of nicorette gum.
George: Hey, Ed come and see this! (from the kids play room)
Ed: (stops crying) Ok. (and runs out of room).

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