Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Well ... I'm home... and even though I spent almost as much time dick'en around in parking lots as I did watching hockey, I had a blast... We kept diving from our seats back into the room with the tv to watch televised replays... It was SOOOOOO close but ... thems the breaks. Win or loose, I feel great for having had the highly improbably opportunity to be there... (tickets are usually for clients and "playoff tickets" are really really for clients. I got one because someone cancelled at the last minute... :D

Was I ever ticked off at the people throwing shit onto the ice... I mean, the energy was freaking phenomenal when the buzzer went and everyone thought there was a goal... so you just gotta try and imagine the palpable downer when they called it no goal... but either way... there's no excuse for throwing shit on the ice.

oh and those little towels everyone is whipping around their heads... (and this is not a joke) Take a room with 18,500 people, all revved up and drinkin beer, at the end of a long day... and ask 'em to all raise their right arm over their head - in very close proximity... Now tell 'em to spin a little towel that starts an instant air flow past all these arm pits... No shit... after a single minute of that shit you had to hold your nose. :D

okidoki... off to watch west wing.


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