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Yea... it's birthday girl time...

Happy Birthday Tonya....

One of the lucky ones, I suppose, to get a journal early 'nuf to not have any numbers or what not after her name...

I met Tonya almost a year ago... and I am today as completely impressed with this young woman as I was the very first moment I met her. Besides her more-than-a-little-photogenic qualities... she has never failed to impress me with her charm and thoughfulness (let alone her ability to rhyme of a really good rant every now and then... ~ snicker)

It is NO WONDER at all that she's now wearing a ring and carrying a promise in her heart.

I sincerily hope that this next year brings the thrill in your heart closer to a book of photographs and that the joys of friendship keep you warm in all the right ways. I cannot - without sounding more than a little over-the-top - tell you how happy I am to have a friendship with you and I look forward to carrying it on into my future just as long as you'll have me.

Have a wonderful birthday sugar tips and believe me when I say... you soooo deserve to wear that super-man / super-girl logo shirt!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Tonya, Happy Birthday to you...

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