Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en lj.

It is just amazingly sunny and beautiful outside... I started with a trench coat on and I'm wishing I had a little windbreaker instead.

So the local radio station has a beeter (car) painted up as a TO Maple Leafs fan-car and they're selling sledge-hammer hits on it for a local charity...

I totally enjoyed Alias last night... it's a definite number 2, behind West Wing in my list of most fav shows...

Z is pulling through to the other side of this cold thing... we had a calm weekend and managed to get her well rested. She's been mostly stuffed up now and I think some positive vibes, lots of water and a couple more nights of good rests will take care of this one... :D

~ brand new, totally snug, black ftl's
~ dk grey/blue tone dress pants
~ fake silk, kind cool, x-tec shirt (a beamer!)
~ the daily D&G and a still-very-red-orangy head
~ to make google eyes at the branch pres (if I see her) in a vain hope that I get a ticket to tonight's game... (two would be nice!)
~ to check my office mail asap,
~ review a client work plan and copy it to a sales geek
~ tear down the last of my office in time for I/T support to move my shit....
~ be moved and in my new office by 12:00....
~ client site for 1:30....
~ to send unimaginably big happy vibes to my friends circlek and misspriss (jer & lys).... they got engaged on the weekend... Just personally here, but I get kind of excited knowing there's another impending Lj wedding.
~ that things have gone well for my friend Steph this weekend...
~ that somehow, someway, a little good news sneaks up on catherine
~ to thank the powers that be for positioning these two women directly in front of me, they standing, me sitting, as I sit, squished on this bus, although the woman sitting slightly behind me - reading this... Hi! - is proly not impressed with my acknowledging my enjoyment of this 40 minute dueling butt shot.

Hey... so that whole "tip" thing... I hope nobody's all bent about them... I've received a couple and one was that I had "tan lines"... I mean,... I dunno, even if they were scathing... if you don't have a name (anonymous) ... you really don't count.

K... we're downtown... Time to wrap it up.. see ya later skaters... :D

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