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hey... long day. been an emotional roller coaster day. Did the parade and spent the rest of the day cleaning up and goof'en. made solid plans to go out to dinner - had my folks coming over th sit on the kiddies - and a blow out blew that plan.
that got better and we watched mission impossible 2 on the tube.

Cool movie. One key observation: "Green is good, red is bad" This must be an allegory for something... regardless, it sums up the movie. Very out there plot and the super babe picked to be the object of freak boy (tom) really looked like she could have pointed ears and that would seem natural on her. By the way, I'm calling him freak boy cause his hair was one long vidal sassoon advert during slow motion dives out of helicopters, gun fights, car chases, motorcycle chases, etc. Can you imagine: immediately following a take for a high test action seen the director (john woo) has to call out "Nope, we're gonna have to do that again, get more cars to blow up and cue up everybody to re-shoot... Toms hair is slightly out of line in the rushes for that last one..." (geez)

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