Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


wella wella... We managed to beat the children off with a couple of well placed jabs... and stayed in bed till almost 9:00!! wohoo... However, it's been kiddie central ever since... in fact... I gotta hurry... they're barking at the door for more... I think we'll bake banana bread...

~ my sunday best... gray ftls, blue jeans, and a gray T. :D
~ it's a really nice day out again... so I'm thinking a little yard stuff...
~ and plenty of daddy action... or the kids will throttle me.
~ for good health and fortune to smile on a friend... a little girl, his daughter is in the hospital half way around the world... it's an odd connection, but this is ladyfire's far away treasure - Norway's - daughter... I hope all is well with his little girl Lisa.
~ to send some caring vibes out to catherine and her family. I hope you get some good news to help temper the challenges that your mom is facing sugar.

Hey... so Ottawa got beat last night... Toronto won a fantastic game of hockey, played out over six (count 'em 6!!!) periods of play... wow. Go sens Go... but that was a good game TO.

ps. I got my "tip" today... seems someone has been measuring my johnson in my sleep... I must have been pretty cold when they snuck in... :D

Have a wonderful day... smile and remember that somebody loves you...

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