Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


really not that smart... but you already knew that...

~ housecoat
~ to fall on the floor and stay there
~ I had gone to bed before dawn...

Stupid stupid stupid Mulholand drive ... we watched this in the middle of the night... save for the very very hot surprise lesbian make out scene this was one weird ass fricken movie. No idea what happened to betty... in the end... or where the money came from...

Today... I have to have finger foods ready for 4:00 and be at my brothers house for 4:30 with family in tow for my exsisterinlaw's birthday... gift ideas? book of blonde jokes? perhaps a book on "How to Be a Server" ... or "You too can be a Waitress and Cold Hard Cash by Flashing A Smile" I dunno...

Any ways... we went to bed at like 5:00... kids, of course, were up at 7:00... and I fed 'em pancakes and an Atlantis DVD for breakfast... :)

Time to Not Pass Out while taking a shower... see ya...
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