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yeah... hi!

HA! Yea, so Ottawa went to Toronto to play hockey last night... turns out they only had a chance to play a practice!!! and you know... you always win a practice. Although I think I saw Darcy bounce of something.

Oh and speaking of SEX... headline news today in the local paper... Justin Tumbleweed apparently blabbed to some stranger on a plane that he banged Brattney "some time ago". hahahaha... well it's official... she a hoe! Heck, she can attend UVA now.

~ yo! Friday... pic pic ... white, tight and comfy...
~ it's all about denim, blue jeans, 3WV T-shirt (see the picture?) and a denim shirt.
~ big ass shoes!!
~ corto werk-cam... all day, looking goofy...
~ writing a Survivor update,
~ yea, I blew off part of the time sheet thing... so there's that.
~ a bunch of move stuff...
~ to point out that I am very much a fan of this girl... carrieann you rock! :D
~ for the really really big blow job that nbbmom is giving her entire house pays off... er... I mean, we're talking fans blowing... no no, not "fans" but fans... you know that spin and blow air around... to dry out her house... sheesh that was hard.
~ that today's lil'event goes well for my friend luscious_babe....
~ to make a big deal out of saying how much I care about my friend lianna, who has been a friend in lj since, um... the first month of my experience here and I know in my heart without any question that if journal vanished today... my effort and desire for her friendship would carry on until the end of my days.
~ I have no idea how I got away with that Toronto dig yesterday in my morning post... unless living in Toronto means you have to filter me out... ;) but more on that later.

ooooo... my spidey senses are tingling....
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