Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

That whole High School Under ware thing...

After reading the thread that grew under my morning post with the cracks about the panty raiding teaches in San Diego... I am somewhat surprised at the attitudes people are expressing... the idea that this is all a contemporary problem hitherto unheard of in the annals of scholastic history...

(and I'm not trying to pick on anyone that replied... every one is entitled to their opinion... and I want to be really clear on this... If you are willing to say it out loud, in my journal, and I don't find it personally offensive... I will defend your right to say it and support our friendship and dialogue... no problem)

However, that being said:

Give Me A Break!!!

... at the risk of losing myself to this issue, let me say that kids behavior is at once learned (therefore they're seeing older kids or adults doing it) and acting out rebellion.

The more you tell 'em not to dance... the more they will work towards being footloose.

Girls showing a boob? Girls showing their ass... hmmm... when I was in High School... er.. 25 years ago, it was called "chucking a star" (the tit bit) and "chucking a moon" was all the rage... In fact people were streaking across football fields at High School games.

What makes people think the generation behind them was any different then themselves or the one before them?

No we didn't all do pills (ecstasy) ... but a lot of 'em did acid, Quaaludes, hash, pot... and before my generation? Oh, they all got so hammered drunk that death by car was somewhat more prevalent...

A bunch of kids in HS acting like sexually charged adults... gosh... how could this happen.

Any sentence that starts with "Kids today..." had better be a joke 'cause if it's not, it's misguided.

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