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So, this is way "yesterday's news" - um, literally... but that high school underwear fiasco thing... I remember being treated to several pictures, posted by lj friends, to explain how a teacher could tell a girl was wearing a thong without yanking down her pants (the whole high rise hip strap thing) last year when there was a wire service story about a HS in some US State that banned students from wearing thongs. My observation was to wonder who drew the short straw in the teachers lounge to be the door monitor on this issue. Well, for all that joking about, here comes a freaken psycho story of teachers gone mad... MAD I tell you... actually forcing girls (at the entrance to a HS dance) to hike their skirts, and open their shirts to prove there is no thong and is indeed a bra... Can you just imagine how fucked up those people are to reach the conclusion that this was a good idea?

~ green haines bb's
~ it's a swish swish day... noisy dk charcoal cargos
~ big turtle neck
~ more packing at the office...
~ oh yeah... time sheets... hmmm.... (hate time sheets when my numbers suck)
~ It's a Survivor night!!
~ being late for work...
~ for good things to be going on with my lil'mexican chaqueta... ly
~ for my friends in Toronto to be well and peaceful, even though their beloved leafs will have to be so soundly embarrassed in their pending defeat at the hands of such a significantly superior team.
~ I could see a picture of Amy's (jaggedpill) hair cut... Gee, maybe one of her friends has a brand new digital camera?
~ hey... I wanted to send a good vibe out to a special friend ... something with the hope for things to go well for her when the family gets together this friday... yo, stephy_banana... I do hope so, you know... and I'll bet you will draw a great deal of strength from David as you watch the stories unfold. peace out you.

k, gotta split... it's 9:15 and the bus is finally downtown. :D

yea... so bus driver dude... This morning was another mad dash, with Z just not doing so well, taking cold meds and coughing (she really has to be careful of her back when a bad cough kicks in) it was pathetic of me to smash that snooze button... several times... :D Any ways, I got up and ready and took care of Geo (lunch prep, brek-ee, dressed, etc) and called my mom. Ed usually goes to my moms on Thursdays (z normally works on T & F). Today, my mom will come get him and we'll get Z back in bed... but this all adds up to me catching the last bus again. Evil Bus Driver Dude (EBDD?) shows up 3 minutes early... but he (for some inexplicable reason) changed his route back to I'm glad I busted my balls getting to the stop a few minutes early.... When I get on, and flash last months pass (I still haven't managed to get a new one... hehe) he was all intense about saying "good morning" and, in fact, didn't hear me say the same thing, so he NAILS the brakes and repeats... I figure he's been getting a wee bit o'shit... so I grin a "g'day" to him and as I sit here, I'm glancing up to see him noting me in his rear view... I grin each time I catch his beady little eyes... Clearly, if life was Stephen King novel, he'd live with his voodoo practicing mother and would ultimately run me over with this bus.
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