Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Did you see this movie? I think the blue chick was Romijn-Stamos... er... "Mystique"... the one that could morph in to anyone... There is this scene following a big brawl (haha... ok, so that's every 5 minutes!) any ways, theres this scene when Storm and Cyclops are looking at Wolverine and wondering if he's Mystique.

Jackman dead pans Cyclops, whom he hasn't necessarily um.. bonded with yet... and say "You're a dick." To which Cyclops replies without hesitation... "yup that's him... let's go..." and their off to fight evil or whatever..

That "you're a dick" thing just sit's in my head... I can see them standing there... hear cyclops saying "that's him" and frankly, I can't really remember much else about the movie. :)
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