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er.. so Hi!

Yea... well today started with a bit of fun... Ok, lil'Z is not feeling so hot... bad sore throat and all that goes with that... So I got Geo and I up, fed him and made his lunch and got myself prepped for today... only to put myself in line for the last bus possible in the land of commuters. So I get myself to the stop in good time and hang for a sec. I look up and see the bus coming... I put the appropriate hand out - note: the street is vacant! It's me, and a bus... and this jackdick blows right past me.
I'm yelling at the bus as it goes past... it has to make a left at a stop sign like 25 feet away and I'm hoofing it for the bus ... and he pulls away like I'm carrying an AK47 .
I'm stunned.
I turn around and this bro is killing himself in a car that was coming along the road behind the bus. He rolls down the window and tells me to hop in and we give 'er chase. (never met this guy, but cool....)
We catch up and pass 'em and drop me. I walk into the middle of the road and stand there with my hand up and several veins in my forehead pulsing. I get on the bus and totally blast off on lead-foot. I'm tearing 'em down like a drill sergeant. Er.. then I take my seat. (felt good)

~ gray ftls
~ liz claiborne jet black dress shirt...
~ dark charcoal suit
~ a silver tie... I forget the name of this pattern but it's like there's a pattern inside the colour of the tie, you see it in certain light.
~ well, see I have to go to this command performance at 6:00 tonight with the big cheese... but I was also supposed to be at this 8:30 meeting... um.. it's 9:00 now and I'm still on a bus... So at some point I'm eating crow...
(Edit: just got out of the meeting 10:21 and no crow required J)
~ more play with new software in the lab...
~ and at any moment this "load test" client could call up and expect me in their digs for three days... bah!
~ that the countdown for my friend ladonne stays fun and not stressful as she zeros in on a wedding day.... :D
~ that debby is enjoying a week that doesn't include the fiend... :D
~ that when drsuessrox makes a "thud" in her journal, it's her head bonking the monitor and not lil'logan bouncing off the furniture... (lol).
~ for nakedfairy to have a better day today than yesterday!!

Hey, Lorena? You are on the right path... I hope you have the patience... the strength to carry yourself. Let your friends hold your hand Sugar...
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