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Mostly harmless

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Lj Birthday Boy...

Happy Birthday Michael!! radiskull

Hey yo! Happy Birthday camera man... I still say "radical skull" in my head when I see your name.

Oh the stories... can you imagine working security and collecting the moments of peoples lives in your heart that would come to you in that role? You have to be strong in your convictions... and from all I've read, I'd say that's a good word for this guy.... A long time journal friend and (right now) a man with his shirt off on his cam... (ok, so it's the last image from yesterday...)

Happy Birthday yo... and I hope that you found some real personal pleasure in this years marking of the passage...what is it now? 29... one more year and NOBODY UNDER 18 WILL TRUST YOU!! I guess you can never take up being a drug dealer...

May this year bring you safely through it's calendar pages and I hope that you are rewarded by the appreciation of the many people that unwittingly rely on you.

Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday Michael, Happy Birthday to you!!!
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