Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


k, no paper on my door step this morning... this really oughtta be a hangin offense!

~ black ftls
~ new cargos... kinda khaki but more pale blue/green...
~ gray T
~ p-z v-neck sweater...
~ big-ass shoes... (it's still all snowy out... and I refuse to get my boots back out!!)
~ I have some serious crap to dig through at work today... I have to get myself and another guy on a training course for stuff they're already selling us as experts in... hahaha... ok, well we are but there's a few loose ends...
~ to take extra care of z... she's reporting a sore throat and this is a definite no-no...
~ if I can... catch up on some journals... and continue the remaking of my journal pages (in prep for a rebuild of my web site...)
~ to catch up on some b-day wishes...
~ I had some idea why apache refuses to let a virtual domain resolve...
~ to say thanks a big-giant bunch to my friends that gave such fun feedback to the depraved day-in-my-life thing... we had a lot fun with that this weekend... a real team sport (!!) and the laughing makes it worth while. :)


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