Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

nighti night.

well that's a wrap... and not a sammich wrap!

It's a freak'en winter wonderland out there tonight... I just don't get it... My friend sylph put it well when she asked "who broke the fucking planet"... and it's supposed to be 15 tomorrow... that's 15 in canadian which means, it's all gonna melt right quick and flood the crap out of the already "over it's banks" Ottawa river. yikes.

I really need to keep up with who's dropping me when... maybe I'd get a handle on what it is they dump me for... a new bucket of blue lines makes me think I might have ruffeled the hair do's of a few with my depraved day post... and to you that add me one week, with big talk about why, then drop me the next week... I say "yea, whatever. It's you're journal, do what ya like." Just lose the big talk.

All in all I'm happy with the laughing, loving, learning and friendship that has marked this weekend.

Now it's time for bed and I fully intend to carry this good vibe to work... even though work has been kicking my ass lately. :)

see you in the morning, and thanks for being here in this giant living novel with me... I just love this place.

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