Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Well I'm looking out my window at big fat bit's o'frozen water falling from the sky... The weather devils claim we are in for a 10-15 cm snow storm... Somebody freak'en shoot m! I caused this... It's my fault... I cleaned out the front hall closet and the front door chest of boots, mittens, scarves, hats, gloves... the whole "lets put winter behind us" deal... And now this! AHHHHH!

~ gray ftls
~ beige pants... (I call 'em my Sunday lazy ass pants... and I don't wear 'em out of the house)
~ blue T and a smile... I slept in ... yea baybee... I'm smiling. :D
~ to clean up and post A Very Depraved Day In My Life post...
~ to visit my mom
~ to help out my BIL with a computer problem...
~ cook... cook a great dinner... in fact I'm gonna go start it now...
~ that your day is warmer than mine weather wise... and as warm as mine, happy wise. :D

(ps. I can just tell... I have this big sucky "loven all my friends" thing lurking inside... beware!!! It's the whole cycle thing coming into play... ~ grin.)

See ya L8er Sk8ers... :D
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