Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en Lj...

I have a fresh cup of steamy, strong coffee... midnight oil on the radio, a chilly morning... and a big smile crawling across my face. S'what d'ya think? Should I be put to death for a persistent good mood? hahaha.... no really, I almost feel guilty having such a great vibe crawling around inside me. :D

Hey... on the way home last night I caught "Drivers Seat" by Sniff and the Tear. You should have seen me ... I was just bopping along the sidewalk... that song brings back so many memories. It was brand spanking new when I was in Amsterdam (when I first started being called Corto, btw) visiting my bro... er... over twenty years ago... geez.. Anyone have that song?

~ er... well yea, it's Friday... pic pic... black.
~ blue jeans
~ long sleeve p-z shirt
~ sweater with the "suedy" shoulders
~ corto werk-cam day...
~ write a survivor update...
~ read a bunch of stuff about a client problem... (the client that I didn't hear from yesterday... grrrrr)
~ well to my buddy lianna... she's been busy sawing a monkey off her back and it's sure lookin like a successful operation.
~ you know I've read so many journal entries by my friends that speak to the notion of things suck'en all over... and it really makes me wish I was rockafeller rich so I could hold a party to cheer you all up... now... I'm not rockafeller rich so lemmi just say that I truly do hope things turn around for ya...

K... time to put a dent in the S4 update... :D
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