Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hehya lj... we're off to see the old fat elf ... and get accosted by the extended families of all the firemen in town looking for handouts for various charities... and of course, we are only to happy to oblige. The "Kanata food kitchen " feeds a lot of people around here.


I had a good night last night... didn't get laid!! I wish. but my litlle Z needs to get over her cough-hack-splat-cough cold first... It's been a while... I'd type a whole bunch of AHHH's here but that's getting tired.


I did spend a whole bunch of time thinking about my lj friend WITH BIG PLANS. She is awesome. I keep finding women here that are (sorry for the cliche) empowered instead of complacent... this is a great trend. I love your stories. It gives me faith in people. The world is not actually a shitting made-for-tv-sunday-night-movie where everybody looses! and ps. knuckles... I am a constant source of positive energy, vibes, karma, you name it ... it's yours from me.


See ya after the parade. mmmm... pictures? I'll take the dig.

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