Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Randomness prevails...

I wanna be a cow boy...
and you can be my cow girl...

looking like a hero
six gun at my side....

~ Yea... so funk fighting is in full swing...

~ I just killed the lunch hour cooking through the A Day In My Life posts... I love those. Now I need to get a little waxy build up from listening to music way way too loud.

~ Tomorrow (Thursday) my client is supposed to have their new server ready for developing a site (Load Testing)... this will mean stupid busy me all-of-a-sudden... and no music. grrrr... so lets see if I can melt some brain cells with music.

~ I read a very disturbing post today from sammystudio... all right, it was fucked up, not just disturbing. I can see the demons are racing around again and building up to some kind of an explosion ... lets hope they explode in words. Some people really need more help then they manage to get. So much hate... so much anger...

~ That (last paragraph) really makes me wanna say how much I care, how much love I have for sweet like candy Lianna... nothing will ever lessen those feelings. She's a very precious woman. I hope you're well lil'cinnamon girl.

~ wicked weasel really turns my dials... it's a site... not a person... :) (and go ahead, shoot me...)

oh... got a second? shoot a good vibe to my friend fairiedust66 and another to mixednuts... no special reason but I figure, why not?

~ nothing makes me happier than knowing my life with zebra is on track and wonderful... ya know? It's a crazy world out there... and I am soooo counting my blessings.
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