Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

snip... snap... grrrr...

Ok... so today just did not get off properly... First frigg'en thing I do is break the "built in" stand on my web-cam. (that's what's in my hand in the picture… look at that all snarky feeling corto… grrrr!) and then, basically, everything went downhill from there. I'm busy looking for the "spin" so I can get out of this... maybe I'll dig up something to rant about later on and see if I can purge.

~ gray ftls
~ jeans... new b.u.m. jeans, just after the first wash...
~ the txt "orange stripe" shirt...
~ and this stupid hair (can ya tell I'm feeling pissy?)
~ on finding some way of losing this funk. (note I had spelled it "loosing" right up until a second or two ago!)
~ getting in touch with kristylicious (sorry I missed you last night... I wanted to help you with that camera and I completely forgot!)
~ Enterprise and West Wing are both new tonight... although I haven't watched a new "Enterprise" in ages... it's just not pulling me in... West Wing however... gotta love that show!!!!
~ well, besides the obvious…
~ I knew someone with a broken 3com Home Connect Lite web cam that wants to sell me the stand…
~ there was some magic I could weave for a girl behind a phallic microphone in the depths of Charlottesville…

Ok … job one: toss some shit around the office and see if I can pass off this foul mood…

Oh wait, I just checked my mail… I made a new friend... someone special… Just say'en Hi to baybabayba
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