Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


So every time I start jonesing to get up and go out for a walk a great song comes on TheWolf...

Here comes johnny
singing oldies goldies...
(walk of life)

CHOMP! (yup, it's crack time...)

~ Things on my mind... I will actually miss how dds lizvang's tongue stud looked, but it is and always will be a destructive fad... chipped teeth... yikes, not to mention the drool stains on the pillow case... :D

~ I don't know tillytollo but she seems to me to be an amazing person.

~ I'm kinda goofy I know... but all that aside, I really think xaheras is pretty special girl... and not like, you know, the short bus "special"... I mean more like the sun lives in her heart kinda special.


~ galebird can wear a tiara any time she likes....

~ I hope jodilyn feels better soon...

~ I hope Logan gives his mom a break today...

~ my sugar... babyfatz is really and truly the best...

k... time for a quick walk.

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