Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en Lj...

Come on... admit it... you toes tap to that "hey hey baybee" song... just like mine. "... and all the boiz say...."

Man I'm squished today... wedged into the back corner of the bus in a most uncomfortable position. The only saving grace is that I was able to have a convo with bobby-joe. Bobbyjoe is a girl that lives with her hubby near us. I see her on the bus from time to time and I'd have to say that she is one of the few people in my neighborhood that I look forward to talking to. It's gotta be her Prince Edward Island accent and attitude. :D

~ black ftls...
~ new cargos...
~ p-z short sleeve
~ and the fav v-neck sweater my mil gave me....(having every intention of not being freezing freaking cold again today)
~ to pick up the results of having the disposable cameras developed... I'd say "Pictures" but that would be wishful thinking...
~ to enjoy today immensely... I had a great sleep, and I feel good... no I mean, deep down good.
~ ahh, yea... and some work somewhere between now and dinner... :D
~ for a twist of fate to give a little spin to a precious friend and renew her spirit of hope. Sounds all cryptic and deep huh... yea. See sometimes it seems like life is forcing you to be in a rush, to lose patience. Those times... when those feelings get a grip... pose the greatest threat. Nobody can kick you when you're down quite like you can. So glib as it may seem, let me be the "next" ('cause you're prol'y sick of hearing it) to remind you that you don't find love when your searching, you are too young (just talk to a 50 year old), and you are so loveable it's a travesty to think yer down on yourself. (psst it's time to arrange a family visit! don't cha think?).

K, gotta hop off this bus... later skaters.
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