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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! so much is lurking ... to be said and to be done.
It's driving me mad that I can't get to working on my new web space or
that I can't get to the stories I want to tell.

They're in me and they will get out ... somehow.

Tomorrow is the Santa Clause parade ... I'll take the kiddies while Z sleeps off her cold. We'll have a blast. Donuts and juice (coffee for me) is a big treat!

Dido, the song "Thank you"... the line:
"I want to thank you... for give'en me the best day of my life."

wow. I get misty when I hear that line... I think of the circumstances around actually being able to say that to someone and really mean it... or better yet to hear it sincerily said. Oh gawd that would be beautiful. Looking at someone and telling them that they have given you the best day of your life... wow. Just blows me away.

ackkk! I gotta sleep. c ya.
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