Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Silver light cut across the room like a knife wound.
The darkness had been your ally.
Somehow feeling less vulnerable yet still
bound by the very clothes that once caressed you.

The moon had opened up the night to the game.
The comfort of you denial was now cast aside.
Here were slivers of white light falling across your body.
Now you could see. Arms and legs, extending away.

The moon brought light to the shadows.
Torn clothing, used to hold you in place.
The fabric no longer caressed... it gripped, it bit.
You could see her now.

She stepped in and out of the light.
In a silence not possible by day,
your own labored breathing seemed to be a fault.
Her silhouette betrayed movement.
You saw the whip and braced.
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