Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

er... yea, it's morning?

So I met with this hair date last night... very nice actually, a lot nicer that the "pro" I went to for the platinum hair. She has a little fully-appointed salon in the basement of her otherwise normal residential home... hubby, daughter, dog... you know the deal. We talked about "reds" for a while... and cut style... and in the end, I concluded that a very unnatural looking bright red would be a "go" and if it were evil, I could shave my head... either way, it'll be fun. I've often wondered what a shaved head would look like (I'm afraid it would look rather odd on me but...compared to what? hahaha). The thing is, I'm still waffling around with thoughts of backing down on the red. I guess I wont know till Thursday…

~ gray ftls
~ gray / blue dress pants
~ that kinda funky shirt (looks and feels lot like silk) that z got me a while back...
~ a leather jacket that really should be on a hook in my front hall instead of keeping me too warm on this bus
~ yea... well see there's this show we're putting on for a client this morning... well my team is doing it... I'm really not in it... but besides that... well I'm basically in Toronto already... I mean psychologically... lol.
~ I think I'll clear off my desk at work and file some financial statements...
~ oh, I have to figure out how to get a project that has work scheduled from tomorrow put off till next week...
~ that from what I've recently read.... well, that there will maybe some cinnamon girl in my world again.
~ for good health to sneak up and bite my buddy occipitaldruid. (stay out of the sun sugar....)
~ really wishing I'd left this jacket at home...
~ oh, and I want to throw a shout out to young Texas girl.... a sweet little Texas bowl of sugar... hi txdevil!!

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