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Hiya LJ. kind of a weird night... I'm hoping I get some time this aft to sorta spill on it cause it helps to clear the webs from the thinker. I gotta get moi gonzo crap done this morning with some clients stuff so cy later.

Oh, one thing though. I felt super major freaken awful last night... first complete "lost it" emotional zone since I found LJ... I heard nice things from some friends and that helped... thanks. I had a way groovy exp with connecting via online chat (you know... tippidy tappidy typen back and forth - I'm guessing IRC is a basically that... real time typing) with a LJ friend and that was really awesome... made me think of other things instead of how shitty I was feeling - and, of course, it was super cool to connect across the continent.

Just kinda imagine I'm standing behind all of you giving you a nice around the shoulders hug/squeeze and quietly saying 'thanks' into your ear and squooshing the side of my face (just a bit) against the side of yours... (now that theres no bad smokey breath ... this actually does not suck!).

ps. dude, can guys get away with doing that to each other in your end of the world? I've done this to boiz and gotten away with it... without the whole homophobic HEY! setting in... mostly 'cause my work mates already know I'm an extreme everything and are beyond being surprised by me... but other than that... guys don't hug enough. I'm not all hurten to hug all my guy friends but I'm see'ing loads of sensitivity with the y chromosomally challenged set lately (did I get that right... 50/50 guess) and I'm just wondering when do the barriers come down for boiz... never prol'y.
pps. I remember when I decided to start giving my dad kisses on the cheek ... you know, when we all show up on an occasion or whatever... in my fam it was very much not done with dad forever... I kinda decided that he was gonna die one day and I wanted him to have been kissed by me a few times before that happened 'cause I just know I would totally die if the first time I did that was when he was a corpse... (sick I know but a strong motivator). He likes it!!! Good daddy.

gotta fly... c ya

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