Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ahhh yes... Sunday.

ack... no idea what happened so far today... I passed out we passed out soooo late this morning... I don't remember when the boiz woke up but I had nothing to do with that.... thank god. Z got up to make (as they requested) mashed potatoes for the guys for breakfast and ended up back in bed sometime around 10??? er... not sure. I got up at 10:30, and after much kid stuff...
here I am...
a quick morning post...
and looking forward to reading wolfiegirl's "a day in my life" post!!

~ er... well, more morning stuff... I'm not that creative on weekend mornings... :)
~ definately a shower!! :)
~ can't think of anything besides some clean up...
~ oh, I've been taking pictures in and around the house for a "walk through my house" post...
~ a very happy, if a day or two late, happy Lj Anniversary to my pal lakme, she of the golden bum!

So last night really was a blast. For some unknown reason we ended up talking about waxing and shaving and his/her bald squatchies and underwear a lot... We ate like freak'en pigs... and while I barely had a single small glass of wine, they did manage to polish off a bunch of corona and 4 bottle of wine. We (this little "get together gang") usually play some kind of a game, Cranium's a favorite, but it was just too much blabbing away to bother... Good music (thanks again no1topaz, good food, good friends and interesting conversations... if a little blasted during the process... made for a really fun night.

OK... off to write a few happy b-day notes... :)

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