Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


yes indeed... "dead unconscious" pretty well describes me today. Went to be early but didn't make the transition to sleep for a variety of reasons until significantly later. So up-with-the-boys required the boys to basically drag me out of bed. No fooling... Geo is like, pulling one leg off the bed, then the other... then grabs my hair and pulls... I almost killed him... lol.

They (boiz) are well fed and relaxing... so I'm here for a minute before I find my way back to something I can lie on... you know... a floor, the stairs... you name it... I can prol'y sleep on it.
~ morning duds... everlast sweatshirt hoodie, and sweat pants...
~ shower, shave and dress... (well, duh)
~ take ed and geo downtown to the museum of Nature... Geo has a kiddie birthday party there at 1:30 - 4:30 and while they do that... I'll take ed through the museum on another route.
~ errands in prep for tonight...
~ have company over at ??? 8:00? I'm intending to take a lot of pictures and see if can have some fun with those.
~ a very happy wedding day to my friend wittleangel
~ and I wish for the strength of friendship and love to boost the spirit of luscious_babe while she struggles with decisions... decisions...

see ya later skaters..

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