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wow... alls quiet on the LJ front. Just a few postings.
I went to the dentist today... all clean and shiny (just a sec... gotta go get a coffee)... ok I'm back. Yessirree those tobacco stains are all gone...

Why is so smoking great...
1. What better way to nurse a really pissed off moment than to retreat to a smoke and a little privacy?
2. The curl of smoke off the end of a but visible in the light of a computer monitor in a quiet room is magic.
3. A glass of scotch (with just one lil'ice cube) just 'works' with a smoke.
4. A smoke is the perfect thing for your left hand when you right hand is busy holding a coffee cup.
5. When you really need tobacco for a joint your prepared.
6. When you go camping, you only need three packs of smokes instead of all that food stuff...
7. Sex!
8. There is no better way to cause a bus to arrive at the bus stop than to light up a smoke.
9. Smokers are rarely negatively impacted by the thick smoke of a 'smoking friendly social setting' like a bar or party.
10. Sex!
11. On the one hand, chocolate bars, black forest cakes, donuts, little boxes of candies, ice cream, cookies and did I mention chocolate bars? On the other hand... cigarettes.

.. later...

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