Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en lj

hmmm.. it's "a day in my life day..." There is this wonderful community in Lj where you link up a photographic record of a typical day from your life set it to 'captions'. This is a great idea for so many reasons I cannot begin to explain them. I hope I can convince Z to do one as well...

It's a cool but sunny and extremely beautiful day in my universe today. Once again I managed to go to bed far too late but z & I are on a path towards better sleep habits so I'd say there's hope for us yet. Bottom line? I 'm not late for work today and that's a plus.

~ gray ftls
~ treacle (black?) brushed cotton jeans...
~ a blue T no one will ever see, due mostly to the idea that I'm wearing,
~ the giant turtleneck.
~ to take pictures all day long and then weed out a good set for the ADIML post.
~ to find another deal on blank cd's... or I'm gonna have'ta call Abby on her offer...
~ neither Enterprise or West Wing is new tonight... although we still haven't watched Enterprise from last week.... we'll see what's what tonight.
~ to send a shout out to a friend that really kinda pushes all my buttons (in a good way!!) so a big UP! to my friend justtrina
~ in two days a friend wittleangel is getting married... some "good luck wishes" in her journal would be nice... don't ya think?
~ oh OH! and congratulations to tonya who is working on her own little version of Lord Of The Rings.... she got engaged yesterday!!! :)
~ to send a quick Hi to a brand new friend... a wonderful woman from Z's friends list who just makes me grin with her pet names for her family ... (mr. perfect's the best) so, Hi rougescheveux

I will never stop being amazed at how great the feelings of friendships are that build up with you guys (here in la la land...). I've a lot of wonderful friends here and you all deserve a big ass thanks... but today I wanted to take a second and say thanks to cybersweetie for making the time to be such a sweetheart. You're a good friend Lorena. Thanks.
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