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wohoo... that's me getting outta here in high gear. I'm actually a solid person in this picture... but the "in motion me" is more to the point today. Kinda woke up at 8:20 today. I'm sitting on a non-commuter bus and crawling to work... fortunately I'm good with the appointments today. :D

~ black ftls..
~ a really nice pair of beige sox that, until today, belonged to Z... :)
~ light beige / kinda greenish pants.
~ the nip shirt (micro fiber makes 'em pop, what can I say, I know that's a generalization but ... )
~ the fantastic v-neck sweater my MIL gave me for my birthday... I love v-neck sweaters... (oops, another generalization... )
~ client meeting for 2:00ish... there always fun… (dam, more generalizations)
~ documentation till I blister... always happens when I work too hard (oops)
~ to point out that its not nice to live on a friends list and only show up in a journal when you find a chance to make assumptions, and sling poop. Where are you when there's something nice to say? hmmm?
~ to profess my undying love and appreciation for stephy_banana and jenont mostly because they have, on so many occasions, proved to the world that they have an almost enviable capacity to find fun, support and appreciate their friends. Those are qualities that should be rewarded with acknowledgement now and then... even in the worst of times.

Now for those of you with vision problems, I recommend re-reading this post with your "text size" pushed up... you know, just so you actually see what I wrote instead of rewriting it in your head to suit some misguided notion that I would actually want put grief out there.
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