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Ok, so Zebra goes shopping with the Ed (the three year old) yesterday... gotta get some things at wallmart (man I should just take my pay check, cash it, and auto-deposit half of it to wallmart). Now I'm having a little trouble with sweets... quit smoking and start sucking on candies...This is bad. Teeth tend to get sensitive and ouch a bunch. So, I favour other ways of satisfying the oral fixation thing as I quit... one of them is cashews... very yum. If you buy the no-name brand of 'cashew snacks' you basically get a can of smashed cashews... but so what? I'm not picky.
Ed likes 'em too. While he and Z are shopping, Zebra comments, "Oh yes, we have to get daddy some more nuts!" Now you gotta picture this: Ed is in the shopping cart - you know the deal... facing mom in the little kiddie seat, and this is WallMart - the store that is always packed... and theres Ed singing out (at the top of his little tiny lungs) "I love daddies nuts... I love daddies nuts."
Poor Zebra.

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