Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Rain. Lots and lots of rain.

K, yes, it's totally my fault - must somehow resist the carnal instincts when going to bed - 2:30 on a work night just kicks my ass... I woke up at several times this morning, but the "last time" was pretty well the only important one, right? yea, thought so... and that was 8:00. It was a peaceful quiet house. It should have been a noisy, busy house!!! Now it's 9:02, I'm on a bus, I'm wet (rain) and I'm listening to Steve Tyler yelling about sweeeeet emotion.

~ gray ftls (you know? the snug boxer brief things..)
~ dk gray / hint of blue dress pants...
~ dk blue, p-z long sleeve
~ hmm?
~ install a crap load of software on my pc at work (still riding a little high on that whole dreamweaver thing...) (pssst...mandelion??? k'mere and let me hug you till yer toes curl!)
~ post office... oh yea... post office!!!
~ still working on the REP (reusable engagement package)
~ that things are going ok for lizvang... how's it going cupcake?
~ this makes me think of katscan... are you still off the evil sticks Snacks? (er.. do you know liz? must check to make sure you know each other!!)
~ for the comfort of confidence to grab a hold of lakme's ass and squeeeeze! you do what ever you want sugar... it's all good and you are too!
~ I'm just sending a little good-vibe out to relatively new friends... friends that really have "wonderful people" stamped all over their foreheads... justj and izzi. I sincerely hope things move to where they are going with a grip on some good vibes.

K... later skaters...

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