Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Geez,... what a day. I lost all contact with LJ for most of the day due to? I don't really know... may be net related or lj related?

any ways... I'm officially, completely and fully utilized at work... I have a big to-do tomorrow morning - presentation to a bunch of techno suits for a big fed department... my boss 'el be in the back watchen... fun. I'm gonna kick.

Happy ThanksGiving to all my friends in the land of stars, stripes and no president elect. I hope you all find your way to family members safely, and remember not to fight too much... or drink too much... or watch football too much... or - wait, what am I saying... ahhhh go for it, drink, fight and watch TV, hell they're family.

(Please drive safely)

Even though my Canadian thanks giving has long since faded to a memory of indigestion, I still would like to get into the spirit...

I am - continually - thankful for:

- the love of my Zebra and kiddies...
- that my parents understand me (and still love me!)
- i get along with my bro and sis...
- the friends I've made in LJ land...and their support through stupid things like not smoking!!!
- reminders that things get better (that's from you jenniaustin!!!)
- girlz (in general)

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