Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


yea... ok so that was the longest night in ages....

~ big housecoat...
~ fur... all over my sleepy tongue.
~ huh? planning... I can't think past 10 minutes from now...
~ doing a little something for my buddy lothie...
~ I could catch up on you guys... you are prolific writers lately... :)

Z and I watched Thora Birtch be exceptionally well dressed for an out-of-work teenager (did you love her dad's character in that or what?) then returned to the scene of the journal... er, the office and played a bit.. then bed... played a bit... then BOOM... Geo shows up with a tummy ache. Now this was serious Kiddus Interuptus here and while that's ok - goes with the territory - it was still a shocker... "my tummy hurts..."

No matter how many towels we ring around him, a garbage pails we position around the bed... we still end up with GINORMOUS messes to clean up 20, and 40 minutes later...

It was - post time change la la la spring forward (just shoot me) - after 5:00 when we went to sleep.

They're (the boiz) on another go through of Star Wars right now... and thank freaking god... I'm totally mindless.

more coffee....

(I think I need a new bedhead icon...)

*bonk... my head keeps falling into the monitor.
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