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just some stuff...

~ reading this stuff in maxim magazine... there's one of these tests to see how long you'll live. You know, "Live in Canada? +3" or "Live in Prison? -16"... etc, etc, etc... I was laughing stupid as I scan down the list of this and that's to add to or deduct from your life expectancy and then theres "You are a Jedi? +600"

Rented the original Star Wars... well the "re-released, marginally remastered" Star Wars. Ed and Geo just gobble on this stuff...

Ok... it's bed time... gonna "rrrrrrrrip" a few pages out and see what they say!! (LOL, some of you actually know what I mean by that too... :D)

Nighti night.

We managed to watch Ghost World tonight. I liked this movie for a variety of reasons... but I had to say a shoe bounced off my really nice TV at the end there... however, the whole angst thing works.

K... where I come from, a guy - regardless of how pissed off he is, runs into a store and ends up in that situation, ends up in a jail or a precinct tank. He gets a hospital and good drugs!

oh and...

Q: How do you make a cat go "woof"?
A: Douse it in gasoline and toss it in a fire.
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