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d'ya ever wake up and think "what the heck happened to my hair?"

Come on!! File my friends pages with blonde jokes today!!

~ er... it's friday, pic pic... white (and Robs just in de-Nile)
~ blue jeans,
~ big turtleneck...
~ a day of corto werk-cam
~ mid morning client visit, but a short one.
~ writing something called a "reusable engagement package"
~ writing a Survivor Update
~ enjoying the chagrin of many many coworkers... :)
~ to say how amazed I am at the reaction of my friends to things that hurt me...
~ I really am fine, z & I are fine, btw... yesterday's drama-me post was before I left to burn my head and if I could have I would have cleared that up before it got out of hand.
~ to send a bag stuffed with my never-ending love and appreciation for hisbeauty... the incomparable Shay... the loveable Laurie. Read the Survivor Update later to understand why...
~ to point out that some day, one day, I am going fall into the arms of one scream'en hot package of On Air Radio Talent and tire out my lips telling nbbmom how crazy for her I am.

Quick edit: Just got to work… first person I see is the branch pres. She was smiling. J
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