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Hey Birthday Girl...

man, this whole, "Birthday Notices Not Working" thing is really kicking my ass...

This is late... but better that then not at all, especially for someone as precious...

Happy Birthday Eva

That would be evangelinaarion. She plays cello... She's smart like all get out and she's damn cute. You know... yer basic university crack addict... :)

She and I met for a reason totally lost to me now... but I do remember that a little while into our LJ friendship she posted some pictures that included the origin of this;

... which is now one of her icons. Do you know me? Yea... well if you do, you can well imagine my obvious enjoyment of a bottom lip pic like that... What a bowl of sugar.

Eva, you've been a really good Lj friend and I enjoy reading your posts. I hope you had (eak, "had" I'm so sorry this is late) a wonderful birthday and that this year brings to your door many wonderful pleasures and fills your leisure time with joy. And remember to torture your flat mate on occasion!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear lil'Eva... Happy Birthday to you.

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