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Note: lizvang deserves some random notes of support... email her, send her ecards, or post notes in her journal... she's several days into a no smoking thing and it's got the potential to be tough for the next few. Step up to the plate mochachas et mochachos...


time to find a bed...
today has been a good day.

it had it's moments (snark)
it had it's labia (snark snark)

but mostly it had it's high points...
some of them were here with my lj friends...
others were here at home with my sweet-like-sugar family
(of course, george and ed fighting can be artfully ignored to keep up my pace here)

Now is time for sleeping.
It's a dark dark night... a dark and starry night... the moon is hiding.

When the moon is hiding... there's trouble on the horizon.
So very many of my friends, in lj land, are about seven days away...
you know, your aunt is coming...

Be nice... play nice...

Nighti night.

This has been a public service announcement from you're friends at the "stop the insanity, beat up a coworker" council of Canada.
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