Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Hey... so listen, I wanted to get another little somethin said... You see I'm feeling all in on this LJ life and that's good., but the reality is that I'm fairly new to a game that I keep sensing others have been playing for quite some time. Someone mentioned the other day in a lj thread that they'd known so-and-so for six years - although they'd never met. (wow) Case in point: a good lj friend just pointed out last night that she finally remembered where she had "met" me (on line) before.... it was in discussions on a BBS completely elsewhere. This was a first for me... and - introspective as it may be - it was kind of a thrill. It's a big big world out there and not a whole lot smaller in here... just a much better system or roads. And the rest stops in here rawk!

(man I gotta stop doing all this straightness... it's making me weird).

Day 6 closing... heading into day 7 - one week - good barenakedladies song.

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