Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en... such as it is...

All gray and raining... trying desperately to be spring!

Yikes... I woke up at 7:54... and caught a bus at 8:32... grrrrrr....
(I'm glad you can't see the linen dents in my face...)

You know the number of hours you sleep is important, sure... but don't forget about the issue of quality. Five hours of peaceful, contented sleep is plenty... five hours of tossing and turning... is nothing.

~ black ftls
~ dk gray / blue dress pants...
~ blue mock (mock mock mock) neck shirt
~ the nice dk blue sweater... the one with the suede on the shoulders...
~ to manage the issue of those reports I'm no longer going to prepare...
~ on site with a client this aft... (i think)
~ on actually waking up soon!
~ I had had a better evening last night...
~ the lj birthday reminder notes were working...
~ that a freind (simplyenchanted) gets well soon... (poor kell... sniffle, honk)

Dearest Lakme, I hope for you today, that the strength of your commitments is sufficient to the task. No matter how easy it was, or how right it feels, there will be a sense of loss that wants to tear you apart. Reach out... (versus closing off) and be supported. You are well loved Sugar, and that can help.

ps. I had the chance to speak with kimberly27616 yesterday... and I'm really dancing in that "man I'm a lucky duck" place again.
Loves journey wrote a really wonderful story across her heart and I'm so happy to know her and her main squeeze here in journal land. :) (and her voice is like candy...)
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