Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

holy geez...

*gasp* my hair is making me NUTZ!!!
Do you see this mop?

well, two more days... the whack... off it comes!

~ an everlast sweatshirt...
~ a fredericks of hollywood wire frame bra
~ gold lame thong with matching garter and sheer stockings..
~ a short red leather skirt
~ open toe, gold pumps.
~ oh, it's April 1... yea...
~ on taking a shower...
~ not shaving... go me!
~ nadda... no plans...nothing... bleh!
~ well a lot of things... but right now? for some peace an quiet with the kids so I can click post and go snooze on the couch... :D
~ for some happiness to sneak up on lakme and make things just a wee bit easy to work out for her.

who rocks?
~ easy beans!!! nutmeg
~ oh and do you know notcharming... her too... !!!
~ and on top of a big pile of "those who rock my world"??? my pal Bill, (aristophren)

Ok... time to go stop one fight and keep another from starting... kidz!! :D
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