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Had sex lately? was it freaken awesome?
Can you dig that things go bad, things get good, richer, poorer, the whole nine yards... but when your having really great sex, when your lover is coming his or her heart out all over the place nothing else actually matters... for that brief - or maybe not so brief - moment you can completely feel detached from any and all shit that may be coming your way or already stuck to the sole of your shoe.
The only thing you can see is the total satisfaction of knowing you are ripping clouds from the sky and making a misty wall between the two of you and every other concern in the universe... and slowly, slowly licking the clouds away until you finally have to come face to face with the dam real world again.
Do you always kiss when your done... you should. That should be one outfuckingstanding kiss... long, wet, loving and meant to say... dam that was just what we needed and lets do that again k?

Ok, I'll stop now.

* this is one of the top 5 songs in my universe right now... This means that when I'm hearing the song my personality calms down and I imagine that I am capable of being better than I have been, that I can come again, that I can take it, that if you dish it out it's not gonna matter... invincible. I so much like the me I let myself be when I listen to music that can massage my heart from the inside.
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