Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Good Morning... !!

Last night? yea... the last thing I remember was Ed woke up crying... I was chatting with misskris and said I needed a minute to go check on him... Apparently Z did a shoulder tap sometime later to remind me I was sleeping in my clothes, but, of that I have no memory. :D

~ black ftl's
~ dark blue p-z long sleeve...
~ beige casual pants...
~ find babysitting for tonight.
~ a trip to wally land ... need a few things...
~ to return a kids-rental movie and pick up another one... (coupon land, we got a zillion)
~ HOCKEY... Z and I get to go to the Senators Game tonight in the company box with my team from work... that means that luker and his main squeeze reens will be there.
~ to send out a big "hey how are ya!!??" to a couple of new friends...
That would be justj and shannanigan!!! Hi...
~ well... last night... I was sorta in the middle of downloading and installing DIVX and CDEX for video and sound ripping... I wish I had finished that... need to restart the process tonight.

mmmk, look... three things...
~ I read that "mmmk" thing in someone's journal the other day and I can't get it out of my finger tips.
~ I think it was a random "80's" tune from all this Wolf Radio stuff but I have the term "buffalo stance" in my head... can you say driving me nutz??
~ you guys,.. my lj friends... you're just driving me crazy... er, a good kind of crazy. I am so damn lucky to be able to share in your lives. Thanks.

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