Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


I'm cracked... but I got me some tape...

Tomorrow is Friday... and it should be great... hehe.. not just "good". No work, all play. Yea that's the ticket... speaking of "tickets" I have a second ticket to take home for Saturday's Hockey game... so I get to invite Z again... I'm really loving that!


Time to cruise out... bus to my folks and dinner with long absent parents... (well, 6 weeks) and then ???? AN-DEN??? Survivor 4 wohoo...

oh and Friends is new tonight.

Today was so so... I ate too much yummi easter goodies and not enough ACTUAL FOOD. and that client thing was a real bummer. grrr...

S'all good though. I got me good friends... a long weekend... an amazing family... and (if I believe a word out of lakme's mouth) a whole bunch of crack in the mail!!!! :D

Later mochachas et mochachos!!!

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