Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

good egg hunting...

They call me Mr. Cuty Pie.... (LOL)

ok, look, if that picture is too painful, you can click this to see me laughing at how goofy that picture looks.

er... Four day weekend coming up!

From the "oh! That's what they're saying" file:
Three Doors Down "Be like that". They sing the line "If I could be like that, I would do anything…" man… forever I've been hearing (no really) "Fuck me like that!" sheesh.

~ gray ftl's
~ treacle brushed denim jeans... ?? does that make sense?
~ 3WV t-shirt, but you can't see it 'cause I'm also wearing
~ the big turtleneck.
~ on make'en trouble more trouble for reens :D
~ spending the morning at a client site.
~ write a special letter to a precious friend (Yo! Bill - *Pinch*)
~ Survivor 4 tonight!
~ I could get several evenings of effort put into making changes and additions to web site stuff... gaaaa, I go crazy trying to squeeze time in.
~ I had won the bus seat-mate lottery today... there was good prizes on deck... but alas...
~ you could have seen the look on this 50'ish lady's face on the ride home yesterday... I was sitting there writing (typing) up a section of rather porno text for some story.... mostly 'cause I knew she was reading over my shoulder... priceless.
~ you would take a second to send some good vibes to a friend of mine... dockdiva. She is absolutely "in the moment" with something really emotionally hard.... A stomped heart is never easy... The calendar, and your as-yet-untapped inner strength will bring you peace sugar.

I wanna see Panic Room in the theater.

There's this guy in my office, Keith… he's priceless… I get in this morning to see him look'en all Cheshire, saying "I've hidden a bag of Cadbury mini-eggs, and several other treats in your office… Happy Easter." (he's done this for pretty well everyone… :D
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