Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

OK, so it seems I've gone and left a little something poorly understood... let me be more clear... just in case there was any ambiguity in my earlier post:

After crawling out of bed this morning, actually climbing over my 5 year old son - who likes to sneak (hahaha) into our bed - I stumbled sleepily into the bathroom and began taking a shower. Then, following a lengthy cab ride from the airport, having just deplaned from the red-eye out of Chicago, John Lee Hooker, the 80ish year old blues guitarist, scaled the front wall of my house to break-in the balcony door. He then, quietly - so as not to disturb the recovering cat, kids or Z - entered my bathroom. He then preceded to climb - fully clothed mind you (he is like 80 something, or did I mention that) - into the shower with me. Now, I was not at all surprised by this. In fact, I finished up and asked him about a song he performed in the original Blues Brothers movie... seems it did not make it onto the soundtrack due to restrictions set out by his label at the time.

Any ways, we dried off, and I had him arrested for break and enter. Felt bad about it but I needed to send a message to other geriatric blues performers...

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